Saturday, July 9, 2016

Custom is our Middle Name!

I recently got a call from a new corporate client. They found us on Yelp, which is exciting...always good to be found! Anyhow, I was reviewing her order before delivery to make sure that we hit all her requests, and it hit me how special this gift was. And, also, I felt so proud that we could accomodate.
Here were her requests:
*Bay Area Snacks
*Masculine Container
*Company Colors
* Logo ribbon
*Company branding throughout
*Souvenir Items from San Francisco & San Jose

We did our best starting with a versatile wooden tray and accented with their company orange & yellow. We then filled it with cookies and cheese straws made in San Lorenzo, snack mix and dried fruit from Petaluma, caramel corn from San Francisco, sea salt almonds from Newman, and chocolate almond toffee from San Jose. We printed specialty logo ribbon, labels and hang tags to remind the recipients of their generous gifters! And, to top it all off, we added a San Francisco cable car and postcards, and San Jose pen, playing cards, and magnet, just for fun!
I think we did it! So proud of my team. I continue to think that there isn't a gift we can't bring together! So fun! Give us a challenge, I dare you! Have a great weekend! -Shawn