Saturday, July 9, 2016

Custom is our Middle Name!

I recently got a call from a new corporate client. They found us on Yelp, which is exciting...always good to be found! Anyhow, I was reviewing her order before delivery to make sure that we hit all her requests, and it hit me how special this gift was. And, also, I felt so proud that we could accomodate.
Here were her requests:
*Bay Area Snacks
*Masculine Container
*Company Colors
* Logo ribbon
*Company branding throughout
*Souvenir Items from San Francisco & San Jose

We did our best starting with a versatile wooden tray and accented with their company orange & yellow. We then filled it with cookies and cheese straws made in San Lorenzo, snack mix and dried fruit from Petaluma, caramel corn from San Francisco, sea salt almonds from Newman, and chocolate almond toffee from San Jose. We printed specialty logo ribbon, labels and hang tags to remind the recipients of their generous gifters! And, to top it all off, we added a San Francisco cable car and postcards, and San Jose pen, playing cards, and magnet, just for fun!
I think we did it! So proud of my team. I continue to think that there isn't a gift we can't bring together! So fun! Give us a challenge, I dare you! Have a great weekend! -Shawn

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Independence Day is right around the corner!
Makes me think, what would I like independence from!
For me, I think I'd choose house cleaning & accounting work! HA! What would you like freedom from?If it comes to gift giving for your personal or business needs, I can grant you that freedom! I urge you to take advantage of our consultation service. We love a challenging theme or branding your gift for business exposure. Custom colors, regional souvenirs, kid's gifts, you name it. Throw it our way, you will be surprised at how easy the perfect gift can be. It's our thing! And, if you similiarly could free me up, say from housekeeping chores, let me know! I'm open to suggestion! Wishing you, your family & friends a very safe and enjoyable 4th!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dear Old Dad!

Fathers day is coming up, June 19th! You definitely want to remember the special fathers in your life. And, we know dads can be very difficult to shop for. If you're stumped, we recommend using one of their interests, hobbies, favorite things to help guide your shopping. It's and fun and easy way to personalize a gift. And, personalized gifts always seem thoughtful, since you really thought about what they like! Do they love a certain hockey team (ie; San Jose Sharks) or maybe it's a basketball team (ie; Golden State Warriors, of course)? Do they love to garden or build things? Are they a chocoholic? You get the idea! So, if you're still stumped, give us a call at 408.504.3703, we're happy to consult with you. Or, take a look at our website for ideas!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bay Area Sports!!!
Have you ever? We have an unbelievable situation going on with our local sports teams! Both the San Jose Sharks and the Golden State Warriors are in the finals. We are so lucky to be living the dream! We've been asked to make a number of gifts for fans, and it's so fun! We're filling the gifts with licensed products like mugs, magnets, beanies, beads, etc, etc. Game snacks and team colors round them out! We've even had a couple of very special deliveries. We're really enjoying the spirit of the games! Hope you are too! Go Sharks! Go Dubs!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

International Nurse's Day!

Today, Thursday, May 12th is the day to recognize all the nurses we know. It's no secret that they are very special people with extremely important jobs. Whether you work with nurses or have family or friend nurses in your life, it would sure mean a lot to them for you to acknowledge the hard work they do caring for and nurturing the sick and injured. I know that the times that my son, husband and relatives have needed medical care, we have spent the most time with the nurses. They are wonderful and we rely on them when times are tough. Big thanks to all the nurses out there!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mom's Day!

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8th! Your mom is likely pretty special to you, and equally just as difficult to shop for. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days where a handmade card was the ultimate gift! But, mom is still likely to enjoy any effort we make to remember her. After all, moms are like that! It also doesn't have to be difficult to make sure she knows how special she is. The most important thing is to make a little
time for mom. A visit or a phone call means the world to your mother. And, a memorable gift, is always a nice touch too! This year, at All The Buzz, we're loving the keepsake gift paired with gourmet treats! Something for now, and something to be remembered for years to come!

Let us know how we can help! We can even deliver it locally for you! 
And, Happy Mother's Day to you, your mom, and all those mom figures in your life!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

I'm often asked what my favorite gifts are. And, while that's not an easy answer, I know that one of my top picks would have to be Wild Gifts. You know the kind, animal prints and jungle flavors. They are so bright and eye-catching. And, they are great for so many occasions;anniversaries, love, kids, teens, birthdays, and even corporate occasions. We often like to include a tag line that pulls the theme and the occasion altogether. Something like, "Have a wild time on your birthday" or "It's a jungle out there, we appreciate all you did to help", really makes the gift fun! So, next time you're thinking of a fun gift, consider taking a walk on the wild side!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Administrative Professional's Week!

It's that time of year again, where we honor those people in the office that make everything run smoothly and efficiently. They often know how everything works and what each person needs. They are heroes, doing their important work, often in the background. They are your administrative professionals! And, they are so crucial that they have a whole week dedicated to honoring
them, April 24th-28th this year. There are so many things that you can do, a special lunch and/or gift of any kind is sure to be appreciated. All The Buzz has lots of ideas.If you need our help, take a look at our website and pick one of our featured gifts or give us a call to customize a gift. We make it easy for you to be thoughtful!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Programs! Get Your Programs!

Many businesses have fun programs in place to attract clients, recognize special achievements, encourage social media check-ins or interaction and so much more. We are happy to help with unique prizes or gifts to mark the special events. Can we help you with a smaller novel gift to thank everyone that checks in on Facebook? Or, would you like to start a program like Plaza Dental has been doing for the last 10+ years. We bring a seasonal gift that meets their dietary guidelines at the beginning of the month. Patients enter their name at each visit, culminating in one lucky winner winning that gift basket on the last day of the month. They say the patients love it, and it has become a fun that everyone looks forward to. If you have an idea in mind or want to collaborate with us to get started, give us a call. We have lots of ideas and we’re happy to share!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Important Dates Are Important!

If it's important to your clients, associates or employees, it should be important to you. Nothing feels better than having someone care about your milestones or achievements, whether personal or professionally. You know what I'm talking about, events like:
*New Baby
*New Hire Welcome
*Special Recognition Days, like Administrative Professional's Day,etc.
Creating good feelings makes for better relationships. And, relationships are what it's all about!
You care, so let it show!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oops,did I do that!?

Mistakes happen! As good of people and businesses as we all are, occasionally things don't go as planned. That usually leaves someone disappointed. If that someone happens to be one that you care about; family member, friend, customer, you would best make amends. The best way to handle mistakes in our opinion takes three steps. 1.Take responsibility. 2.Apologize & 3.Make a peace offering. In my experience, if you handle an issue well, you will be forgiven. We're all human, people understand that. Just make sure to leave them impressed with how well you took care of them!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way!

Thank you gifts are such an important part of doing business. It's so crucial to show appreciation for occasions like close of business, referrals, receiving help, and so much more. Tokens of gratitude create a positive environment,build relationship,and encourage business loyalty. Plus,it really encourages more of the same, which has got to be GREAT!
Thank You gifts can be anything from a handwritten card to a grand upscale gift! We usually recommend that the gift value translate to the value of the recipient's effort/sale/referral to you & your business. If you need help getting started with a Thank you gift or program for you, we'll make it easy & painless! And, if you refer us to someone that needs assistance, you will receive a Thank You gift, because we will be most appreciative! Thank you for reading!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Why Business Gifts?

There are so many reasons businesses need gifts. While I was contemplating a topic for a recent presentation, I realized just how many occasions there are for business gifting. It shocked even me!I thought I'd start a little blog series to talk about them a little more.By far,the most popular business gifts are holiday gifts. Christmas & the Winter holidays are the biggest holidays for us, followed by Halloween & Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to recognize those important to them during the warmth of the winter holiday season. It is a tradition that
goes back forever, and one can never go wrong with a winter holiday gift. But, over the last few years, Halloween has become another huge business gifting season. It is a fun, unexpected time to gift that always gets a huge response. And, Thanksgiving, is a natural time to thank important clients, employees, & associates! There are a number of other smaller holidays throughout the year that businesses use to base appreciation gifts on. Big or small, business holiday gifts, we love them all!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

SuperBowl Excitement!

All The Buzz at Superbowl 50!

All Well, the Bay Area is certain buzzing today, well and for the last couple weeks. 

Tons of activities, traffic, airplanes, etc. It has been very exciting to have such a huge event right here in our area! I was able to attend the Business Connect party in San Francisco this week, and it was quite a party! Beautiful venue, celebrities, good mingling and food. 
And, great to connect with other business owners that were also involved with the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl. We also snuck in a little visit to Super Bowl City, an outdoor attraction with lots to see; telecasting, historical football items, and lots of fun, touristy type opportunities. 
No matter who wins, we've had a blast! 

Superbowl just 1 Week Away!

Can you believe that next Sunday, February 7th is the big game in the Bay Area? It's exciting, that's for sure! There are events all week from San Francisco to San Jose.

The hotels are booked, the banners are hung, and the craziness is about to begin! We have Super Bowl gifts available ready for the week's festivities. Whether you want to welcome an out-of-town visitor, have a fun contest at work, give your clients a unique,timely appreciation gift, or surprise a football lover, we have the perfect thing. Take a look,and let us help you get in the game!

SuperBowl Controversy!

I was reminded this morning by a San Jose Mercury News story about a frequent discussion we've had around our home! Why no roman numerals for Super Bowl this year? I guess there are several reasons. First, being that 50 in roman numerals is "L", it is not visually appealing. Also,looking like a single letter, may not even have been stand out enough to be noticed much.
The newspaper added that a single "L" also is a letter with too much dead space, another reason why it isn't a bold or impressive number/letter! But, maybe the most important part has to do with the connotation "L" has in sports. L is for loss or loser, right? Eek, that is not good for the Super Bowl!Will the L make a comeback for Super Bowl LI/51? Guess we'll just have to wait & see!

New Vendor! R&J Toffee!

We are so excited to introduce R&J Toffee to our product line and to you, our supporters! We met Joel recently, toured his awesome facility, did lots of taste testing and even visited his company at the San Jose Harvest Festival. What can I say? This company is exceptional in every way. They are a family owned business, selling in only the finest stores.There are no preservatives, it’s a delicious treat, and it doesn’t even stick to your teeth. They recently won the 2015 International Chocolate Salon’s Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America 1st Place Gold for both Best Tasting Toffee and Top Toffee, for the second year in a row!  We are so impressed and even more excited that they are located in our home town, San Jose!  Let us know if you’d like to try it or include it in your gifts. For the holidays, we are featuring 2 sizes: a 4oz box great for including in your gift baskets or a 1lb gift box great for an addition to a large gift or as a stand alone gift with a holiday bow. Take a look at R&J’s story! We know you’ll love this very special chocolate almond toffee as much as we do! Shop for it now!

Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

I have to admit that it is pretty cool that San Jose, and our surrounding areas(San Francisco, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Palo Alto, & others) have become such popular destinations. We do have great weather, even with the nasty drought situation! But, I think a lot of the recent surge in travel to the Bay Area, may be due to business travel. With businesses like Facebook,Google,Apple growing & thriving in our little part of the country, it’s really no wonder! With all of this attention on our area, we’ve also experienced a greater demand of locally themed products. We love our local vendors and are excited that people want to share our local flavors and keepsake items. So, here’s a little sample of our latest Bay Area designs. Let us know how we can help you share your local pride! 

Thank You Teachers!

Well, it’s the end of the school year, and we have a rush on gifts for teachers. It’s really no wonder, they do the amazing job of educating our children, and lots of them…at the same time. If you’re like me, you really cannot imagine that task on a daily basis. It takes a special kind of person, that’s for sure. We get asked to create all kinds of gifts; small, chocolate, themed, related to hobbies, accompaniments to gift cards, you name it! We realize it is important to show your appreciation for the people that hold this special place in your children’s lives. We’re here for you to make it easy! Welcome to summer! 

What Else Can You Do?

  It always makes me laugh when someone asks me if we can put their gift basket in something besides a basket. Turns out, we really only use true baskets for about 30% of our gift baskets. Some really love the traditional look of a basket. But, truth is, there are unlimited options if you crave something different. Now, if you’re concerned that you need a more serious business look, I’d recommend a magazine rack, trunk, tray, or metal beverage tub. They still have that beautiful, corporate look, just with a little twist! 

But, if you really want a very different look, you can add something totally unexpected. And, here’s where your creativity is the only limitation. Often thinking outside the box can allow you to use a container that is very useful or really drives home a theme. Some of our most memorable containers include: a garbage can, ottoman, garden hose, backpack, ice chest, blanket, stadium seats, and so, so many more. Fun stuff!  So, hope we inspired you! If you’re stumped on creating a gift un-basket, give us call. We’re always happy to help! Share with us your ideas on what you think would make the most creative gift ever. If we use it, we’ll send you a gift, and it definitely will not be in a basket!